Let´s talk about our school proyects

Through our Non Profit Organization named Fundacion Monte Sion Nuevo Amanecer, our company takes active roles in the progress of the communities were our farms reside. The program has been designed to provide a better lifestyle for its workers, their families and the communities. Activities can be classified in three important areas: health, education and spiritual growth.

In terms of health, we have been working together with a Christian Non-Profit organization to help two schools: one near Monte Sión “Escuela Tapacun” and the other near Shekinah annex farms “Escuela Los Arevalos”.

In spite that there is a Government Nutritional Program for public schools, some rural area schools cannot be benefited from such program because of their locations; and these two schools are not the exceptions.

In January we began providing a meal to the 160 pupils from these two schools. They have been fed with: cereal, rice, beans, minestrone soup, dried and canned fruits, among other. Knowing that care also depends on the child´s home lifestyle, on a monthly basis parents are invited to receive a bag full of provisions. We take this opportunity to teach the parent on the importance of hygiene, nutrition factors, education and a balanced life.

By the end of the year we will be able to measure the impact that these efforts have meant in the growth of our children. We are pleased to testify that children look healthier and we have the satisfaction of knowing that a balanced meal guarantees a better intelligence development for them.

Finally, if the schools are able to purchase a piece of land, the non-profit organization has promised to build them a new school; one with more healthy construction standards such as cement floor and built with bricks instead of mud material.

These activities in addition to those health and educational programs that Fundacion Monte Sion Nuevo Amanecer has in its yearly plan will help in the development of the younger generations…after all they are the future of our country.


Emerson Nathanael is an 11 year old boy, studying 5th grade at Escuela Los Arevalos.

His dream is to become a lawyer.Emerson Nathanael is an 11 year old boy, he is studying 5th grade at Escuela Los Arevalos. His dream is to become a lawyer.


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