Lets talk about coffee forest renewal

For the past decades our company has been working hard to increase the quality of the coffee it produces; making sure the trees and the soil are well maintained and that the cherries are properly handpicked and processed.

In our farms we had trees that were up to 50 years of age and which had to be replaced by new ones if we wanted to increase the quantity of coffee produced. So, in the year 2007 we began a project designed to renew our coffee forest.

The coffee trees in our nursery come from the careful selection of seeds of those coffee trees in our farms that have proven to be more resistant to plagues, weather inclemency and which have had a better yield and have achieved higher cup quality scores. To reproduce these seeds, we only pick ripe cherries that are in the middle of carefully selected branches. The coffee is processed and dried separately making sure its humidity does not fall below 20 degrees. Before it is cultivated, the coffee is cleaned by removing any seeds that are not suitable for reproduction.

We cultivate the seeds in the nursery during the month of November and on July we transport and plant them in the farms. The response of the plant at this early stage has proven to be better than if we wait for the plant to be older.

All our farms are planted mainly with the Arabica Bourbon variety. However, Shalom farm is planted mostly with Arabica Pacas, a variety that grows well, has excellent cup quality and is more resistant to the microclimate of such farm.

This year we are planting 40,942 new trees throughout the farms, on average we try to have between 1,750 to 2,100 plants per hectare. At the time 38% of our coffee forest has been renovated.


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