Let´s talk about Health

Among some of the causes of health problems in El Salvador we can mention: air contamination, lack of potable water, poor education on hygiene standards, bad nutrition habits and poverty.

According to statistics provided by the Health Ministry in El Salvador in the year 2008 the main diseases that affected the population (all ages) of El Salvador were:

Disease Percentage   Rate
Acute   Respiratory diseases 26%
Urinary   diseases 5%
Digestive   system diseases 4%
Skin   problems 4%
Traumas 4%

Respiratory problems, digestive/diarrhea and skin diseases were the highest problems suffered by children under the age of 14.

To help reduce these problems in the communities with which we work, we have taught them on the importance of washing their hands before eating, boiling water used for drinking, the use of latrines and the importance of having a healthy balanced diet combined of fruits and vegetables.

On a permanent basis we conduct campaigns that include free medical appointments with physicians of different specialties such as internal medicine, cardiologists, gynecologists, dentists and ophthalmologists among others. At the same time we have counselors available that advice with spiritual teachings to those with emotional problems.

Last September 1st we conducted a Medical Campaign were more than 300 people were blessed with check-ups, free medicines and glasses, here is the video. Hope you enjoy it.


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